Virtual Office CBD

Includes FREE Co-Working Space

What you need, when you need it.

Pay as you Grow or Packaged Deal?

Pay as you Grow

Great value for startups and small businesses.
You get access to everything and only pay for what you use.

Packaged Deals

Best for established businesses where significant savings can be made on frequent use of facilities and services.

Not sure? Start with PAYG and monitor your progress. You can always change between PAYG to Package Deals at anytime.

Melbourne Business Centre Display Office

Co-Working and Hot Desks

Your Virtual Office includes free Co-Working Space or Hot Desk use. Check package details for any limits that may apply.

Bookings are preferred but not required; you can simply check in and check out at reception.

Enjoy quiet places to work without the disruptions of “cafe style” co-working venues.

Receiving your Mail

Your Mail

Publish your CBD address on your website, your business stationery and on your social media. You will stand out in the crowd in this sought after business location. You can choose from a complete range of mail handling options.

  • Notification when mail arrives.
  • Forwarding to an alternate address.
  • Scanning and emailing options.

We are here to take care of your mail and deliveries and to process your mail as you require.

Answering your Calls

Your Phone

A dedicated business phone number is included with the “Virtual Reception” package or can be included as an “add-on” if you use PAYG.

Your phone number comes with a multitude of call handling services at your disposal.

Melbourne Business Centre Reception

Your Visitors

Your guests will be impressed with your professional office environment.

If you’re not in the office, we will be here to represent your business.

We will greet your guests and advise them that you’re “out of the office”. We can:

  • Get their details and send you a message.
  • Connect them to you on the courtesy phone.
  • Provide them with your information.
  • Take other actions, as per your instructions.

You will ensure that you can follow up with your visitors and that they will leave with a great impression of your business.