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Coworking space at Melbourne Business Centre is more that just a Hot Desk. It's your fully managed Business Address.
Get the space you need to work on your own or with your team. Enjoy full time business support and access to meeting rooms and private offices when you need them.
Access your Hot Desk on a "Pay as you Go" basis.
Business Address
Hot Desks
Meeting Rooms and Offices

Your Business Address
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Your Business Address
This is where your mail is delivered, where you can conduct your meetings, where people that come to visit you are greeted by your friendly receptionist. You also have access to private office spaces and all other services and facilities at Melbourne Business Centre.
Address Details.
Easy Online Management
Great Location
Public Transport
Onsite and nearby Parking

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At Melbourne Business Centre, Coworkers enjoy a quite, peaceful environment to work without constant interruptions.

Collaborating is restricted
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It can be difficult to focus on your work in an environment with constant background chatter.

To collaborate with your Coworkers, please book one of the "group" work spaces (for up to 12 people). This will enable you to have private discussions without disturbing other Coworkers.
470 St Kilda Road
Your Business
Ground floor
470 St Kilda Road
Melbourne Vic 3004
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Coworking - Pay as you go

$30 per month
A base for your business
Mail management
Hot Desk $4 per hour

Premium Coworking Space Melbourne

Melbourne Business Centre coworking space provides a safe work environment for start-ups and remote workers. Membership options include a "Pay as you go" subscription for ultimate flexibility where you use (and pay for) workspaces only when needed, or "part-time" and "full time" memberships with included Hot Desk time.

Coworking at Melbourne Business Centre keeps getting better.
Melbourne Business Centre has been providing office spaces and services to the broader business community for over 20 years. Melbourne Business Centre is constantly innovating and improving services based on client feedback resulting in best of class services and many advantages for client businesses.
The Most Significant Advantages.
Business Address and Mail Services are Included
All Coworking members benefit from the advantages of a prestigious business address and the professional image that comes with a fully functional and fully staffed office.
Reduced Costs
Through an ongoing process of increasing efficiency and the application of automation, Melbourne Business Centre have been able to reduce subscription fees to as low as $1 per day. Furthermore, the Extra Costs associated with Virtual Offices and Coworking Spaces has been reduced to almost zero. The savings are passed on to client businesses resulting is the best return on investment ever achieved.
Increased privacy and security
The most significant concern of Coworkers is the presence of competitors (sometimes referred to as "like-minded professionals"). At Melbourne Business Centre, every coworker is entitled to peaceful space to work without the concern of prying eyes. Coworkers are expected to respect the privacy of other Coworkers and are not permitted to aimlessly wander around other Hot Desks.
Reduced annoying background chatter
The noise that accompanies "cafe-style" coworking venues can be extremely annoying. At Melbourne Business Centre out Hot Desks are located in semi-private offices with a maximum of 4 Hot Desks per space.
  • Why are Melbourne Business Centre's fees so low?

    Melbourne Business Centre has been providing top quality services and facilities at great rates for more than 20 years.
    It's simple!
    • Focus on genuine business needs
    • Eliminate costly, unnecessary extras

  • What is a Virtual Office?

    A virtual office is a service provided by a company that allows businesses to have a physical address and phone number without the need for a physical office space. Essentially, a virtual office provides a range of services that enable businesses to operate remotely without the need for a permanent physical presence in a specific location.
    Virtual offices are a popular option for businesses that require a professional address and phone number, but do not need a physical office space to operate. They are particularly useful for remote workers, freelancers, and small businesses that want to maintain a professional image without the costs and commitments of leasing a traditional office space.

  • Can I use my Virtual Address as my ASIC registered business address?

    Yes, ASIC requires that all companies registered in Australia have a registered office address which is the physical address where legal documents can be served.
    A Melbourne Business Centre Virtual Address includes administrative and reception staff physically present, on-site to represent your business. In fact, all of the services provided to your business by Melbourne Business Centre's staff are provided acting as the staff of your business.
    It is important that you can reliably receive mail and other communications, as ASIC may send important legal documents and correspondence to your registered address.

  • What is included with my subscription?

    All subscriptions include the prestigious business address, mail handling, onsite reception team, access to meeting rooms, office spaces and coworking space which includes tea and coffee and printing.
    Some subscriptions include a dedicated phone number and telephone services, other subscriptions include the use of office spaces.

  • Can I use this Address to register my business?

    Yes, a Melbourne Business Centre Managed Business Address provides you a prestigious business address for your new business registration. Whether you are running a start-up or upgrading your business profile, your Managed Business Address is ideal for business registration purposes.

  • How can I get a Virtual Office business address?

    It’s easy to get your Virtual Office business address set up with our Virtual Office package options. Simply sign-up online and complete the application details to get you set up with your Virtual Office business address immediately.

  • What happens to mail sent to my Virtual Office?

    You can choose from many options for mail handling. Mail can be forwarded, scanned, emailed or held for collection. You can set up your preferences via the online business portal.

  • Does a Virtual Office come with a local phone number?

    A unique dedicated local phone number is included with the Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Office subscriptions.
    The Coworking and Virtual Address subscriptions do not include telephone services but they can be added in if required.

  • Can I access a private office space, coworking space or meeting rooms?

    Yes! With a subscription at Melbourne Business Centre you have access to private office spaces, Hot Desks and meeting rooms.
    You can book by email, phone or online.

  • What is the minimum commitment?

    All subscriptions at Melbourne Business Centre are month by month and can continue for as long as you wish.
    You can cancel a subscription at any time, but please note that subscription fees are charged monthly in advance and are not refundable. therefore, your commitment is only to the end of the current month.

  • How can I cancel a subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time using the online business portal.
    Login and go to Settings, Subscriptions and follow the instructions.

  • Can I get a discount for committing to a longer term?

    No, all Melbourne Business Centre clients enjoy great rates regardless of the term.
    Our low prices help us retain our clients and in turn, our loyal clients enable us to keep the fees low.
    It's a win - win for everyone.

  • Can I list multiple companies or businesses at my Virtual Office address?

    Yes, login the online business portal and select Settings - Subscriptions. Look for "Additional Company Names" and click "Add.
    Please note that a fee of $6 per month applies for each additional company name.

  • How do I get access to the online business portal?

    When you sign up for a Virtual Service, you will choose a password, complete your validation and be instantly connected.
    You can then login at any time using your username and password.

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