Make Virtual a Reality: 7 Proven Benefits of a Virtual Office in Melbourne

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Did you know at least 50% of Australians work remotely part of their week?

That means that much of the workforce is already equipped to work in a virtual office.

So why should you choose to have a virtual office in Melbourne?

Read on for some of our top 7 reasons why it can be a great solution for your business.

1. You Get a Melbourne Address Without the Price Tag

Renting office space is expensive. And the closer you are to a big city like Melbourne or Sydney, the more expensive it is.

A lot of smaller businesses and start-ups just don’t have the extra money to pay for an office in central Melbourne. But having a business address in a place no one’s heard of doesn’t quite add consumer confidence.

virtual office means you’ll get to register your business in Melbourne and get all the perks of having a city office without the downsides.

You can then use the money you’ve saved on rent for your own business.

2. You Get a Central Melbourne Space to Hold Meetings

Need to impress a client? Want to hold a meeting with someone who is visiting Melbourne? How about holding a face-to-face company meeting?

Well, you can do that with a virtual office. With a virtual office, you get access to meeting rooms and workspace, so that if you need to take your virtual office into reality, it can be done.

With a central Melbourne location, you’ll get a great space to work in and get things done.

3. Have Your Mail Sent to a Central Place

Tired of having to separate mail for work and mail for your family? With a virtual office, you don’t have to worry about that. You can either decide to pick up your mail at the office itself, or you can have it forwarded to you.

It’s all clearly labeled so that you know if the mail is to you personally or to your professional office. That way, you know before you even open it if you want to deal with it. Many people work better when they separate office and home life, so this is a great way to ensure that happens.

4. You Get a Receptionist and Phone Service

Want a more professional phone line than a mobile? Do you want to have someone field calls for you so that you’re not constantly answering the phone, but can’t afford a receptionist? Do you want to separate your personal calls from professional calls?

With a virtual office, we can make that happen. You can have a dedicated receptionist included in the price of your virtual office without having to pay for one. Reception will take calls for you and send them to the correct person.

5. Eliminate Commute Time and Increase Productivity

The average worker in both Melbourne and Sydney takes 35 minutes to get to work.

That doesn’t count their morning routine in which they have to shower, eat breakfast and get ready to leave the house.

With a virtual office, your workers can be ready as soon as they wake up. They can even eat breakfast as they’re starting their morning work.

Employees can sleep longer if they skip their morning commute, which allows them to be more productive and well-rested.

And, by being flexible, employees can fit in their routines around their work schedule. If they don’t want to shower before work, they can start in their PJs and get dressed after their 10 AM meeting.

6. You Can Hire People from Anywhere in the World with a Virtual Office

If you ensure all of your workers are in-house, you only have access to workers who are available to work in Melbourne. Or, if you don’t have the capital to set up an office in Melbourne, it could be only people who can make it to your town.

With a virtual office, you open up serious doors. And the world really does become your oyster.

If you need people who operate on the same time zone, you’re able to hire people from all over Australia’s Eastern time zone. If you don’t, you can hire people from all over the world.

From Paris to Auckland to Tokyo to New York City, you get to pick the best talent, and best fits, for your office.

7. Employees Take Fewer Vacation Days

Employee attendance can be a bit of an issue for some offices. If employees have the flu, a doctor may warn them not to turn up to work in case they infect everyone else.

If their child has a flute recital, they may take the whole morning off, thus pushing other people’s days around.

But with a virtual office, this isn’t a problem. People are more likely to work when ill unless they’re severely sick, because they can work from the comfort of their own homes. And, if they’re not feeling great, they can nap between meetings, or decide to finish their work later that evening.

And, with flexible working, people can attend important events in their children’s lives while still keeping pace with the office. As long as they schedule meetings and other events around their needs, it doesn’t affect anyone else.

Ready to Give It a Try?

If you’re keen to learn more about renting a Melbourne virtual office, contact us today. We can have you in your office on Collins Street in less than 24 hours.

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